Swedish software engineer currently residing in Beijing.

Started programming graphics in C/C++ at age 12, and was practically raised by the European cracking/demoscene, where I competed in numerous graphics programming competitions (demo and 64k) around Europe throughout my teenage years.

After university, I started my career in one of Scandinavias largest telecom operators TDC, where I stayed prior leaving to China in 2007. During my time in China I have co-founded and taken engineering leader roles in several start-ups in the technology space, including gaming, social networking, mobile applications, finance technology and big data.

With around 20 years of hands-on experience in writing software across various technology sectors, I strongly believe in good foundations, simplicity and automation of everything possible, without creating leaky abstractions.

Apart from my professional life, I was part of the Swedish National Wushu Team, and competed in both European and World Wushu Championships, this eventually brought me to China in 2007. During this time I have also been coaching 1000+ students over several years.

I am fluent in English, Swedish and Mandarin Chinese and comfortable working in multinational and cross-regional environments